Our story

Our story

Geusis is an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality produced in Kato Panayia, a village in the Ilia region of the Greek Peloponnese. Geusis (pronounced yev-sis) is derived from the ancient greek word γεύσις, meaning taste. The local variety of koroneiki olives are tree-ripened until they reach optimal maturity before being pressed.

Coupled with a cold extraction process, this ensures Geusis' pure, deep-green olive oil preserves its nutrients and rich flavour. The high quantity of polyphenols, antioxydants found in extra virgin olive oil, have nourished generations of Mediterranean people and have long been considered a key to increased longevity.

Produced since 1975, Geusis' strong heritage guarantees an olive oil of the highest quality, with an impeccable taste and texture that can please the most refined palette.

The bottles has been packed in compliance with all EU/Greek regulations.

Our olive oil
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    Spilling resistor

    An internal resistor prevents spilling the olive oil onto the bottle!

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    Our bottle

    Ceramic bottle from Italy, painted in a heating chamber, helps keeping oil unharmed from sun or humidity

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    Extra virgin

    With accidity 0,3 to 0.5 enables it to retain all the natural ingredients of the olive fruit and feature a special aroma. 



Choose for your company special gifts for your best customers!!

Upon request we can customize the box by adding :

  • an extra 200ml bottle or
  • several "Greek" products (always in consultation)

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The best gift

Choose for your company a special gift for your best customers!!

Upon request we can customize the box by adding :

- an extra 200ml bottle or 

- several "Greek" products (always in consultation)

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